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You can help our organization by being an representative and volunteer! As a organization representative, you can take a radical step towards achieving STEM equity. You can also take a leadership role within the organization and help us manage our day-to-day operations! To become a representative or leader, click here to fill out a form and we will be in contact with you shortly!


You can help support us by signing up and attending our events! We work rigorously towards not only create fundraising events, but also add an element of excitement, fun, and interest. Click the button below to learn about our events! If you want to hold an event or want us to organize an event at you institute, then head over to the "Contact" page and fill out your information.



Consider Donating to our GoFundMe to help us bring more initiatives to make STEM a field for all!

By Email

If you would like to donate via an uncommon banking program or give your donation in cash, then you can email us we will get back to you with the proper details and procedures to do so!

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