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Laksh Dhir


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Dear Changemakers,

I am excited and honored to serve as the first CEO and Chairman of Youth for STEM Equity, and I am grateful for all those who have supported me to get to this position.

Our team is looking forward to creating a more equitable environment for youth and adults through aid, opportunities, scholarships, donations, and more, enabling them to zealously pursue their passions within the field of STEM.

Through our core principles of Equity, Engagement, and Educate, we hope to foster a much needed change in society for the progression of the international knowledge economy. We believe one of the main ways to radically incite social awareness and amelioration is to take initiative.

Youth for STEM Equity posses an authentic sense of spirit and respond to the crises of the contemporary world uniquely. We understand the important of intelligence, collaboration, leadership, and integrity within diversity and inclusivity. We have learned to place our feet in the shoes of the minorities through anecdotal experiences, allowing use to understand and assist the people in need on a profound and perplex level. Our unparalleled  ideas and innovations facilitate not only the expansion of the STEM field, but also help provide the individuals the rights they have been robbed of under law. We distinguish ourselves through the diversity and youth perspective that can aid us in arduously striving for our objectives.

Please join and support us to not just help society, but to help yourself. When sixty-nine percent of STEM is dominated by a single race and characterized by unjust, systemic oppression, taking action becomes a requisite.

Yours in Service,


Laksh Dhir

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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